I’ve added the page “Sample Abstract” (see above) to provide an example of the type of work that we’re seeking for this volume. All contributions to this volume should be about 6,000 words in length (including notes and bibliography) and perform four tasks:

1. Summarize the central ideas of its major figure.
2. Locate this figure within any two of the following contexts: intellectual history, political history, cultural milieu, social history, and/or personal history. We expect the typical submission to combine an intellectual history with at least one of the others.
3. Explain the importance of its major figure to the practice of textual interpretation or to the rise of literary theory.
4. Argue a thesis about the ways in which the author’s work dialectically engages his/her historical context.

We are initially marketing this volume as a companion volume for literary theory courses, so we also request that contributors write in a manner that is as clear and accessible for upper division undergraduate and graduate students as possible.

Thank you,